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We offer Long Term Guaranteed Rent at the Full Market Value!

Do tenants give you more pain than profit? Are you worried about how you'll cover the mortgage and repair costs if your tenant stops paying the rent? Would you like to bullet proof your rental income with zero risk insurance?

Who We Are

Guaranteed Rent Lettings offers an ideal solution to UK landlords wanting more from their property investment.

We're a National company who specialise in providing long lease and guaranteed rental schemes to match your requirements, irrespective of whether your profitability has been thwarted by tenants, agents, tenancy voids or you just want out.

The Traditional Method v Guaranteed Rent Lettings

Traditional Let Our Guaranteed Rent Lettings Scheme
Monthly Rent £1,000 £1,000
Annual Rent £12,000 £12,000
Loss to Eviction Cost £1,200 £0.00
Tenant Find Fee £1,000 £1,495
Annual Management
Commission @ 10%
£1,200 £1,200
Loss to Rent Arrears £1,200 £0.00
Inventory Fees £300 £0.00
Tenancy Renewal £500 £0.00
Net income you receive £6,600 £9,305

Annual Surplus: £2,705
Increase in Profit: 41%

So not only can our Guaranteed Rent Lettings Scheme save you money, but also save you hassle, headache and heartburn!

7 Reasons Why You Should Contact Us Today

  • You need not worry about finding a tenant
  • You never need to worry about rent arrears again
  • You do not need to panic about having to evict a tenant
  • Your tenancy is protected by one of the worlds biggest insurers
  • You're guaranteed 100% of the FULL market rent
  • You receive £50,000 of Legal Expense and Property Damage protection cover
  • You never have to be concerned with tenants at all!

Our Scheme Works As Follows

  1. Once we've received your enquiry form one of our experienced property letting analysts will contact you to discuss your property, the period of time over which you wish to rent it and the guaranteed rent being 100% of the market rent!
  2. When we've agreed terms, we'll proceed to find a long-term tenant for your property to rent. Our average tenancy length is in excess of 4 years!
  3. DAS LogoOnce the tenants are established, they tend to start making the property their permanent home, as they feel secure that they can stay on a long-term basis. If you wish, we can offer the tenant the opportunity to buy your home through our Rent to Buy scheme. This is a great incentive for the tenant to stay long term and take care of your home. You'll also avoid the hassle of an estate agency sale with an empty property.
  4. Unlike other 'Guaranteed Rent' schemes that typically pay 70% of rent based upon a very cautious market rent, you'll get 100% of the full market rent, less our standard management commission of only 10% of rent collected. So if the tenant stops paying or leaves, you'll still get paid! Our scheme is the most lucrative Guaranteed Rent Lettings Scheme in the UK!
  5. For complete peace of mind, our scheme is fully protected through DAS insurance. This includes £50,000 of legal protection cover. This protects property damage and all legal fees to evict tenants or squatters!
  6. Given that you'll eliminate the risk of none-payment and avoid paying thousands of pounds on legal fees to remove 'tenants from hell', you're likely to be far better off letting under this scheme compared to a traditional let.
  7. The guaranteed rent you receive will provide a greater return on investment than you possibly imagined! Please see our comparison chart above for more details
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